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We are taking care of sea transports from and to all Europe, with specialized focus on central Europe. With our own offices in central europe we offer solutions via all the main ports such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Koper, Genoa, Trieste, Rijeka, Gdynia and Gdansk ports among others. We can offer you services of FCL, LCL, RORO and BreakBulk for your big or oversized shipments.
At first it was a supplement solution for our existing clients. With investment into education and licenses we have developed a product, where we understand shortcuts, safety nets and flexibility and share this knowledge with you. If you have shipments from or to European airports, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist.
2hm logistics offers you a wide pallette of services, which you can use separately or combine them as per your needs. Flexibility & proffessional yet »people first« attitude was foundation of our growth, so we are inviting you to check services section or contact us for more information.
Slovenia with its position on european road network crossroad and Poland playing cruical role in long range connectivity within Europe, either in terms of hubs for intermodal transports or with direct deliveries. We serve clients with our road division teams from point to point, transparent and flexible. Full truck load, partial, out of gauge or dangerous cargo, we solve it all.
Rail transportation within Europe was always important part of intermodal or direct intra-europe transport mode. In recent times, with collaboration between Far East and Europe, big investments were achieved and rail transport has proven to be very efficient alternative to sea transports in terms of Far East – Europe trade and vice versa. Contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with more information on our solutions.

Do you need to ship, sell or just relocate vehicles? 2hm logistics is cooperating with vehicle trading companies since its inception, and therefore can offer variety of services in the field of shipping vehicles. From standard shipping operations and all the way up to the shipping ultra high value luxury vehicles and other items in full discression.

Check our gallery, where you will see a couple of examples where clients allowed us to publish photos of their »Art On Wheels«.

Shipping liqiuds and chemichals? 2hm logistics is offering services on this for regular Intra-Europe flow along with direct coverage of Far East – Europe trade by being official agent for Exodus Tanks. Via partners within this tightly knitted group of ISO-Tanks providers we offer also all other possibilities along with Cross Trade option.

Too big, too heavy or both? Are people saying that it is going to be impossible or too expensive?

Don’t worry, we are doing these types of shipments on weekly basis. Supporting everyone from privately held companies to governments around the world, we offer a specialized approach. We don’t expect that you know all the details, as we don’t expect that there is one systematic solution that fits all. We will do it together, you bring your desires, we will bring our knowledge to the table, communicate it, do a demo of solution and a plan. Good planning with reasonable people is half of the job already done.

We offer warehousing separated or as part of the complete service. With endless possibilites in Europe, we help you determine the best possible warehousing point in order to optimize your shipping costs and to make your cargo flow smooth as per your needs, any day, anytime!

In 2020, we have added our first own customs clearing division in Slovenia and since then we have been expanding this services through our offices. We can offer you a regular import or export customs clearance, transit guarantee service and fiscal presentation which is more known as procedure 4200 in Europe.

Furthermore we offer also customs consultation, as this division was no exception with investment into knowledge, and is represented by our colleagues who are licensed customs brokers.

Are you on the verge of a big logistics project either in terms of size or longevity of the business? Are you a company, where logistics obstacles and unpredicted scenarios are taking your time that could be used for development of your company?

Contact us, we have experience with pinpointing a singular longterm project into correct trajectory as with us being »outsourced« and taking over complete logistics needs and communication within field of logistics and customs. Tell us your needs, and we will assemble a consulting team for situations that cause you stress and losses. Life is to short for daily drama, we will walk the pain for your gain. Contact us and improve your position on the market with exceptional 2hm logistics services.

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