Labeling with company logos adds a personalized touch to wood products, enhancing brand visibility and facilitating easy identification throughout the supply chain. At 2HM Logistics, our Labeling with Company Logo service offers customized labeling solutions to showcase your brand and streamline the handling of wood shipments.

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What is Labeling with Company Logo?

Labeling with company logos involves the application of branded labels or tags to wood bundles, pallets, or packages. These labels prominently feature your company logo, name, or other branding elements, making your wood products easily recognizable and reinforcing your brand identity.

Types of Wood Transported

Transporting timber requires robust handling to maintain structural integrity and quality.

Log transport involves specialized techniques to manage the bulk and weight efficiently.

Plywood transport necessitates careful stacking and protection to prevent warping and damage.

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Branch Manager, Wood Department

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Labeling Process

  • Design Consultation: Our team collaborates with clients to design custom labels that align with their brand guidelines and preferences. Whether you prefer adhesive labels, hang tags, or engraved tags, we offer versatile labeling options to suit your needs.
  • Branding Integration: We ensure seamless integration of your company logo and branding elements into the label design, maintaining brand consistency and professionalism across all wood products. Our designers pay meticulous attention to detail to create labels that reflect your brand identity.
  • Application Techniques: Labels are applied to wood bundles or packages using precision equipment and techniques to ensure secure attachment and durability. We employ various application methods, including adhesive backing, heat transfer, or mechanical fastening, depending on the substrate and label type.

Why Choose 2HM Logistics for Labeling with Company Logo?

At 2HM Logistics, our Labeling with Company Logo service offers fully customizable solutions to meet your branding needs, whether you require simple logo labels or comprehensive branding options. We prioritize quality and precision, using premium materials and advanced technology to ensure durable and consistent labels. Our experienced team efficiently implements the labeling process, adhering to your guidelines and minimizing operational disruptions, delivering results on time and within budget.

Benefits of Our Labeling Service:

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Labeling wood products with your company logo increases brand visibility and awareness among customers, suppliers, and partners. Your logo serves as a constant reminder of your brand presence, reinforcing brand loyalty and trust.
  • Improved Product Identification: Branded labels make it easy to identify and differentiate your wood products from competitors’, reducing the risk of errors or confusion during handling, storage, and transportation. This improves operational efficiency and minimizes delays in processing and delivery.
  • Professional Presentation: Labeling with company logos enhances the professional presentation of your wood products, signaling quality and reliability to stakeholders. Well-designed labels add a touch of professionalism and credibility to your brand, enhancing customer perceptions and satisfaction.

2hm logistics Certifications

At 2HM Logistics, our dedication to excellence is not just a promise—it’s certified. Our array of prestigious certifications includes:

  • IATA
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AEO

Freight Capabilities

Why 2hm logistics

  • Full-Service Logistics: Providing logistics services across all modes of transport. Covering your whole logistics agenda.
  • Certified Excellence: Holding ISO 14001, ISO 9001, AEO, HACCP and IATA certifications.
  • Transparent Pricing: What we quote is what we build. No hidden fees or last-minute additions.
  • Part of Neele-Vat Family: Thanks to partial acquisition, we offer an expanded European network and support of a strong partner.
  • Port of Koper: Headquatered at the key European gateway providing fiscal representation and robust rail network.
  • Personalized Support: Dedicated account manager ensures a uniquely personal touch, beyond the usual broad approach.
  • Local and Logistical Expertise: Deep understanding of regional logistics and customs, along with profound industry knowledge.
  • Warehouse Solutions: Over 9,000 m² of warehousing facilities with value added services.