Delivery of press valves to India

In this blog series we are looking at interesting cargos that we have shipped in recent past. Our aim is to make processes in the logistics industry much clearer and show you how our deliveries work behind the scenes.

In our latest delivery, we picked up press valves that were made in Hungary. We transported them from the local factory to the port of Koper. Here we loaded them on containers, which traveled on a cargo ship to the destination in India.

Press valves comes in various types including butterfly, angle, check, gate, and globe valves for domestic hot and cold water, HVAC and process water applications.

Delivery of mining trucks to Serbia

Since we want to be as close as possible to our clients and partners, we have decided to show you more of our work in this blog series. We have selected some interesting deliveries which we will present to you and hopefully demystify the processes in the logistics industry.

The first delivery we will talk about will be the mining trucks that came to port if Koper from China. To be more precise, these machines are called haul trucks. This is a type of special truck that you most certainly won’t encounter on a normal road.

You can find them on large construction sites, mines, or quarries. The world’s largest haul truck BelAZ 75710 was made in Belarus and it is capable of carrying 496 short tons of cargo. With a little luck, one day we’ll make a shipment of BelAZ 75710 too.

This delivery of mining trucks was off to Serbia

Where they will serve in a local coal mine

In order to transport them, we had to dismount the front wheels

Farewell, impressive machines!