In the complex world of logistics, accurate weight measurement is essential for calculating transport costs efficiently. Proper weight measurement ensures cost-effectiveness and smooth operations by aligning shipping costs with the volume and weight of goods. At 2HM Logistics, we understand the significance of precise weight measurement in determining transport costs across different modes of freight.

2hm logistics: Weight Measurement
2hm logistics: Weight Measurement

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Natalija Kramar

Branch Manager, Ocean Department

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Weight Measurement in Sea Freight (LCL)

For Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments in sea freight, a common conversion is used: 1 cubic meter (cbm) is considered equivalent to 1 ton. This method simplifies the calculation and aligns shipping costs with the space occupied by goods in containers, even if their actual weight is less.

Weight Measurement in Air Freight

In air freight, both the actual weight and chargable weight are considered to calculate freight costs. The industry standard conversion factor is 167 kg per cubic meter. This approach ensures that freight costs reflect not only the physical mass of the cargo but also the space it occupies in the aircraft.

Accurate Cost Calculations for Your Logistics

By adhering to these industry standards and working with top-notch logisitcs carriers, 2HM Logistics ensures accurate cost calculation for your shipments, optimizing your logistics operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Related Questions​

Weight measurement in logistics refers to the process of determining the weight of cargo to calculate shipping costs accurately.

Cargo weight is measured using scales or weighing equipment, and in logistics, it may also involve calculating volumetric weight, especially for air and sea freight, where volume is a crucial factor.

Weight is the actual physical mass of the cargo, while chargeable weight is the weight used to calculate shipping costs, which can be based on either the actual weight or the volumetric (chargable) weight, depending on which is greater.

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